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Let's launch YOU! - Myrtha Dubois

27 Days
649 Hours
38960 Minutes
2337810 Seconds

That’s it before January 1st 2019!

We do this every year.  The excitement builds, and we spring into action.  We think of all the things we have to do, the shopping trips, the people, yes and even the gift giving and receiving. 

Now the question is when do YOU start your countdown?  I mean when do you start counting down the days before you Re-Introduce the world to YOU?

Think about it!  Most of us transform yet no one really knew or understands what took place exactly.  You, being a better version of YOU is a big deal!! Wouldn’t you say?

So, let’s do this right. We will plan it just as if you were to launch a business. Ready?  Let’s go!

Set the tone:

Think of all you learned this year. Take about 3 standards that really resonated with you or 3 goals you would like to reach in 2019 and expand on them by adding them in your daily living.   Think of what you changed or will gain by removing the things that no longer served you…food items, relationships, company you kept, books, television, movies, even schedules.  Think of what you have or will substitute them with.  What was/is the outcome?  How did/do you feel initially and today?

Start your to do list:

Keep in mind this is about YOU so only your stamp of approval matters.

  • Make a list of all the people you want to invite, a list of your favorite food/menu, the title of the event (catchy yet one that fits the new), an agenda, the location, start time, end time;
  • Write a speech to share with your guest letting them know why they are with you on your special day;
  • Photographer even if it’s a family member. This will be a day /night to remember and to share
  • Go all out and get ribbons or flowers or something EXTRA. Lol


  • Set a budget;
  • Get press, social media ads, mail out invites;
  • Start a buzz around your event by telling everybody with excitement; don’t tell everything just enough to pique their interests;
  • What will you wear? Nail appointment. Hair appointment. Car details.  Etc.


  • What will YOU gain from this event?
  • What are you willing to lose or miss out on?
  • What you are willing to give of yourself going forward and most importantly what are you willing to accept from your friends and family members;

Whew!  Now take a breather.  Inhale slowly. Exhale completely.  Let the countdown begin. I’m super excited for you Sis! Can you see you? I can.

You are wearing UNDENIABLEYOU!