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Wellness - Myrtha Dubois

Beauty, skin, health and Wellness

Beauty, skin, health and Wellness


Want to feel FREE from over 2000 toxins?
Then start using products that will leave your body feeling and looking amazing!
Because BEAUTY truly works from the inside and the outside. EMBRACE yours today.


European based products designed with the most natural, organic and botanically based ingredients. Free from over 2000 toxins, these products are not only healthy for you but leave your body feeling and looking amazing!

4 Self-Care areas to help you get into a routine:


7-8 hours of quality rest is essential every night; (Mayo clinic)

ACTIVITY may include:

Walk; Jogging, Swim; Cardio; Dance; Cycling; weights; resistance bands; balance exercises; full body stretch;


Drink water but NO MORE than 25-30 ounces per hour because your kidneys can only eliminate up 5-7 gallons per day (up to 1 liter per hour); (medicalnewstoday.com)


Take a few breaks throughout your day to intentionally breathe, get focus, get settled;

10 Reminders of Self-Care:

Know that YOU are perfectly Imperfect

Talk sweet and respectful to self every chance YOU get

Set Boundaries – say No when it means saying Yes to self

Be mindful that YOU are not in control of anything or anyone

Accept what YOU cannot change but put in effort into changing the things you can

Stay away from negative people, negative thoughts, negative talk

Trust your instincts and intuition

Never give up on yourself

Start your day by being grateful

End your day with thoughts of your achievements no matter how small

Ready to take that first step
​towards becoming Undeniable YOU?